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Top Kitchen Backsplash Favorites

The kitchen is undeniably one of the most used parts of the house. It is also one of the most challenging kitchen areas to clean because of the grease, oil, and colors. Thankfully, a kitchen backsplash was invented to eliminate the chances of the mess staining your kitchen walls. Besides doing this, backsplashes are also excellent interior features that add personality and make your kitchen look unique and cool.

If you are looking into adding a kitchen backsplash, you are on the right track. However, be aware that there are many options to choose from. Fortunately, you have come to our list, including the latest backsplash design trends getting so much attention over the past year.

1. Marble Kitchen Backsplash Up to the Ceiling

Marble is an aesthetically pleasing material, so why not bring it all up from your workspace to the ceiling? There are no limits when it comes to backsplash design. If you want the beautiful design to pass through the cabinetry and extend to your ceiling, this option will allow you to do so. Instead of being a different design, it can make your space look more coherent.

2. Use Larger Subway Tiles

Tiles are another common backsplash material in kitchens. But instead of the regular tiles, try to be different and use the subway tiles and the larger ones! It would add that sophisticated look to your kitchen sink. This style is especially useful for homes with smaller kitchens. The 4”x8” tiles could create an illusion of a much larger kitchen space compared to the standard 3”x6” people use. They would make the place look different while also enhancing its feature.

3. Use Reflective Materials Such as Mirror or Metallic Finishes

Another notable trend happening is the use of glossy and reflective surfaces in the kitchen. It is the perfect accessory option if you want a well-lit kitchen. The materials could reflect the natural light around the room and help you save energy. Moreover, the reflection that this kind of tile produces gives that dramatic effect to the kitchen.

You can play around with it, depending on your liking. If you want the room to reflect different colors, consider a colorful material. If you are not a fan of too reflective materials, a metal-finished kitchen backsplash is a good and toned-down alternative.

4. Play With Patterns

If you are over with the clean and neat kitchen look, you may want to explore more patterns for your kitchen backdrop. Graphics and patterns are a current kitchen design favorite. Imagine it looks like wallpaper, but classier and as tiles. If you think patterns are not for you, you can always make yours look more appealing and neat by choosing the right color that goes well with your kitchen interior.


Hopefully, this article helped you limit your backsplash choices and decide on the best one. If you are still clueless about choosing, you can either select based on the colors or materials available. What is best paired with your kitchen? Then, consider your budget and the area you plan to place your kitchen backsplash options. Do you have ample space or a small space to cover? Ask about the materials’ wear and tear possibility from your supplier. Finally, identify your priorities and make your decision accordingly.

Once you are sure of what you want, you are ready for the kitchen remodel. Find a contractor that could bring your vision to life without sacrificing quality and budget. Design Miter Tile can help you improve your kitchen and the overall look of your home within your budget. Our service includes kitchen backsplash installation, sink and faucet upgrades, island installation, and more for residential clients in Santa Clara County and nearby cities. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help.

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