5 Things to Request Before You Hire a Tile Installer

5 Things to Request Before You Hire a Tile Installer

It can be tempting to labor and fix up the house by yourself, but it may be safer and less chaotic to look for an expert. You can run into all kinds of mistakes when installing tiles at home, such as unalignment and scratches on the tile materials. It can be harder to rectify these errors as it will need more time, effort, and money.

Working with a professional tile installer comes with its benefits, but you should still do your research. Before you decide on a tile installation company, there are several things you should ask to ensure the outcome of your project is timely and high-quality.

What You Should Know About Your Tile Installer Before Hiring Them

A professional tile installer can measure, place, and secure tiles in your desired pattern in one go. Here’s a brief list of things you can ask your tile installer before you employ them.

1. Experience

The difference between yourself and a tile installer is professional experience. It’s best to hire someone who has been on the job for at least 2-3 years. Be sure to ask what installation projects they have experience with. Common types of installations are those in the bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways.

If your installation project is very particular, you want someone who’s worked on a similar tile installation project. That way, the process goes a little smoother, and you can feel reassured there will be no complications.

2. References

Ask your tile installer directly for people they’ve worked with as well as references. You can contact past customers for verification and their experience in hiring them. Get to know whether your installer was efficient in delivering results and what their attitude on the job was like.

Most tile installers have been involved in projects with contractors, architects, and designers. Don’t be afraid to ask for the contact information and give them a call. It would be insightful to know from past coworkers what it was like to work with the person you’re screening and eyeing to hire.

3. Certification

The ideal tile installer should hold a valid license to show that their services are legitimate. Inquire if they are a National Tile Contractors Association member as most professional installers are affiliated with the organization. It’s also a plus if your tile installer has gone through training and assessment with the Ceramic Tile Education and Foundation.

4. Proof of Completed Projects

During the hiring process, request your tile installer to show you photos and videos of completed projects. Pay close attention to whether every tile was symmetrical and appropriately placed. Installing tiles on corners and doorways can be a little more precarious than other surfaces, so those details will truly reflect just how skilled your installer is.

5. Project Proposal and Overview

Just before employing your tile installer, it’s imperative to ask them for an outline. A professional should give you an estimated timeline and budget for your tile installation before getting into any contracts. They should also give you a heads-up if they will work alone or whether they’ll need extra sets of hands for the work.

A tile installer should be able to discuss what type of tile will be used for the project. You may be set on getting something ceramic or marble, or they can recommend certain materials. Ask them where they will be sourcing and buying it from.


Be sure to get experienced and licensed tile installers to prevent any mishappenings from occurring. A professional tile installation project can be satisfying and vamp up your house. Entrust the process to a legitimate service provider for the best results.

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