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Kitchen vs Bathroom: Which Room Needs Remodeling First?

Remodeling your home to fit your standards is worthwhile, but it is a hard and costly endeavor. When you finally have the budget and the time to do it, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Two of the most common areas people love to remodel are the bathroom and kitchen; in both cases, the task is costly and time-consuming. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to start, here are a couple of guide questions to ask yourself:


What Room Needs Remodeling More than the Other?


Start assessing practicality and function before anything else. Determine which part of the house requires remodeling more.


Problems in the Kitchen


If you live in a home with other people or kids, the kitchen is an important space. It is where meals are cooked, and bonds are formed. If the kitchen is too small and it gets dense, smokey, and intolerable when you cook. Smoke and weird smells could get everywhere in the house. This might discourage your family from cooking more, which makes the kitchen useless.


The kitchen is also the place with the most hazardous appliances. If your kitchen appliances are neither new nor in good condition, the top priority should be to replace them.


Problems in the Bathroom


One of the most obvious reasons to renovate a bathroom is plumbing issues. If you have a shower that doesn’t work or a toilet that doesn’t flush, this must be the priority.


Sanitation is also a factor to consider in remodeling this room. The bathroom is supposed to be one of the house’s cleanest rooms because it is where you clean yourself and get ready every day. If your tiles and mirrors are grimy beyond normal cleaning, then a remodel would be fitting.


How Much is the Budget?


Crunch the numbers. How much would it cost to repair each of the rooms? See which room remodel would benefit you sooner rather than later. If they’re pretty much even in terms of costs, think which of the rooms you use more often. Remodeling is an investment, so it has to be worth the time and money. If doing some work on both rooms is possible, then go for it.


How Long Does the Project Take?


If you’re doing your bathroom, make sure there’s another one you use. If you’re doing the kitchen, make sure you have a food plan that doesn’t require cooking. Projects like these can take a few hours, but they can also take a few weeks. Be prepared.




When things seem to be split evenly in all aspects, the decision should be based on what feels better. Consider what would make you happier first or which room causes you the most distress. You must live in a home where you feel at ease.


If cooking a meal for you and loved ones in a kitchen gives you the most joy, start there. But if you’d rather have a nice bathtub to relax in after a nice long day, then remodel the bathroom. If practicality is not the issue, start factoring in the subjective arguments in your decision.


Whether you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen or enhance your bathroom, one thing is certain: the project needs help from a professional remodeling contractor. Hire Design Miter Tile, the go-to experts for unique custom tiles, countertops, stone floors, and more. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, no project is too difficult for us to handle. Get a quote from us today!

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