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Kitchen Tile Shopping? Here Are the Top 3 Considerations to Transform Your Kitchen

There is a wide variety of tiles you can choose from in the market. Numerous designs and countless styles are available—it is all up to you what you will pick for your kitchen.

However, choosing the right flooring might not be as easy as you think. It is not just pointing at an aesthetically pleasing style and immediately putting it in your home. When shopping for tiles, here are some essential factors to consider.

Top Considerations When Tile Shopping for Your Kitchen

When shopping or doing research on kitchen tile, these should be your top 3 considerations for your home.

1. Budget

The cost is an extremely important thing to consider. You should check and compare the prices of all your options before deciding which one to buy. You also have to take the tile installation and labor into account.

2. Location

Not every part of your house should have the same flooring. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling, consider the fact that this location is usually moist and humid. The tile that you choose should be practical and appropriate for the room’s purpose.

3. Theme

Of course, you will want every part of your house to look cohesive. This is why you need to factor in the aesthetic characteristics of the tile to the theme that your house follows.

Experts say that the best tile colors are brown or golden yellow, but you can also opt for grey or off-white to easily match your interior. The theme actually matters the most for clients rather than functionality, but both should be considered equally.

Which Types of Tile Are Best for Kitchens

If you are looking for the best tiles you can put in your kitchen, you can go for either terracotta or ceramic tiles. These options have the qualities that kitchen tiles must have: durable, slip-proof, and moisture-resistant. Stone tiles are also a great option, but they are not budget-friendly.

1. Terracotta Kitchen Tiles

Made from natural clay, there are glazed and unglazed terracotta tiles. These tiles are great if you want a rustic look for your kitchen. Terracotta tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Aside from that, they guarantee the durability as well as being eco-friendly. If you have a large budget, you can opt for handmade terracotta tiles, but machine-cut tiles are a great choice if you want to save money.

The only downside of using terracotta tiles is their porosity. You have to make sure they are sealed properly so they will not absorb liquids like oil and water.

2. Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Ceramic is one of the usual picks for kitchen tiles. Ceramic tiles are made from white or red clay, fired in a kiln at a high temperature, and then glazed. They look like porcelain tiles, but ceramic tiles have a better absorption rate and density.

These tiles are durable and do not need constant maintenance, so they are very practical. Aside from being budget-friendly, they have multiple colors and patterns to choose from. If you live in a warm area, this is the best tile choice for you.


Your flooring can make or break your interior design, so you should carefully plan the materials you choose. It is important to think about the overall look you want to have, the quality, your level of activity, and your budget. It’s best to shop around for options until you find the perfect one that would meet all the criteria you set.

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