Bathroom Cracked Tiles

Exploring the Top Causes of Bathroom Cracked Tiles

Investigating Cracked Tiles in the Bathroom

For most homeowners, cracked tiles in the bathroom are a source of concern. This is because they lead to poor aesthetics and have the potential to cause accidents.

Even more, they mean having to go through the tedious process of replacing the damaged tiles. However, the worst part is that you don’t know what caused the cracking, making it harder to find the best solutions to prevent it from happening again. Here are some of the most common causes of bathroom tiles cracking:

Room Temperature Extremes

Most bathrooms aren’t made for extreme temperature changes, especially when it comes to humidity. Temperature and humidity play an essential role in the material’s chemical composition and strength.

When the tiles crack because of temperature changes, this doesn’t mean that there was a problem with their quality. It is a common problem that can happen with any kind of tiles, even expensive and high-quality ones. To minimize this problem, try to reduce the temperature in the bathroom by using heaters or humidifiers.

Improper Curing

This is a widespread problem for people new to tile installation. When the moist grout is left to cure for too long, it hardens and becomes brittle. The grout can crack and break when the tiles are subjected to pressure. The cracks spread until the grout is no more.

The tiles can sometimes move or get damaged after the grout is removed. To prevent this problem, you should only let the tiles cure for the recommended period. You should also make sure that they are placed in a ventilated area and that there is proper airflow.

Incorrect Installation

Another common cause of cracked tiles is improper installation. The tiles are bound to crack or break if they are not leveled properly, or if they are not in a straight line. This can also be caused by using a heavy object on top of the tiles when they were still wet. To prevent this problem, follow the proper installation process. You should also make sure that the tiles are correctly aligned and the grout joints are straight.

Poor Site Conditions

This is another problem that can affect any kind of tiles. This happens when tiles are installed on a surface that is not ideal for installation. If the surface is too hard, the grout can crack and break. It is also possible that the tiles can lift from the surface because of poor adhesion. You can avoid this problem by installing in the right conditions and ensuring that the surface is moisture-resistant and has good adhesion.

Heavy Objects on the Tiles

Some homeowners place heavy objects on their tiles to support their shelves. This can create a problem when the tiles are wet. If the tile is not glued, it will become delaminated, make it look bad, and eventually lead to cracked tiles. Therefore, you should ensure that the tiles are glued before installing them and that there is an adequate air gap between the object and the tile.

Cracked Tiles: Conclusion

Cracked tiles in the bathroom can obviously lower the value of your home as well as cause accidents and injuries. They, therefore, need to be fixed. The best solution is to replace the cracked tiles with new ones. This will not only give your bathroom a new look, but it will also be safer for the people using it. For the best tiles in San Jose, CA choose Design Miter Tile. We can help you with your full bath, kitchen remodels, entryways, and much more. Request a quote today!

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