Bathroom Tiling Mistakes

Common Bathroom Tiling Mistakes to Avoid

The Most Common Bathroom Tiling Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bathroom Tiling Mistakes: You might have a bunch of remodeling projects on your plate that you want to start, but for now, you’re just focused on giving your bathroom a face-lift with some new tile. If you’re the type of person who likes to take on projects yourself, you probably already know that this particular project isn’t too challenging, but it can be pretty distinct.

If you want your bathroom to look like it came straight out of a magazine, don’t cut corners by using subpar materials or tools. Inexpensive grout and tiling tools may create common tile installation problems in the long run.

That said, our pointers below are here to help you avoid the common bathroom tiling mistakes that most people make.

Aimlessly Applying Caulking

This is a very common mistake that a first-time tiler often overlooks. Caulking a grout line is necessary, but you should never apply it in random, messy globs, or else you’ll end up looking like you have an unsightly mess on your hands.

The best way to caulk a grout line is to apply it along the grout itself in a straight line so that it fits between the grout and the tile. Also, you can use a small brush to go over the line in even strokes.

Incorrectly Laying Out Your Tiles

Laying out your tiles correctly can mean the difference between a great-looking tiled area and a sloppy one. As such, you want to take the time to ensure everything is correctly measured before you even begin laying tiles.

When laying out tiles, you want them to be absolutely straight and in a nice, neat row. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a corner or not, but it does matter that the tiles are arranged in a nice, neat line.

Stubbornly Ignoring the Use of Proper Tools

When it comes to laying out tiles and setting them into place, you need to use tiling tools that are designed for the job. Using a small trowel to get grout into the grout line can be a pretty challenging task, but by doing so, you’ll end up with a better-looking finished product.

It’s also smart to use a utility knife when cutting tiles along the edges. This will provide you with a nice, smooth cut that allows you to use the tile as it was meant to be used.

Using the Wrong Type of Grout or Grout Sealant

When it comes to choosing the right grout or grout sealant, it’s important to check the package and make sure it’s the right one for your particular application. Some sealants and grouts are designed for use in showers, while others are specifically designed for kitchen applications. There is no one-size-fits-all grout or sealant for every application.

Not Giving the Tiles a Long Enough Cure Time

Always follow the instructions on the packaging when it comes time to cure your tiles. For example, some tiles need to have a full 24-hour cure time before you seal them, while others can be left for only a few hours.


Overall, the most important things to avoid when bathroom tiling are the wrong tools, grout and sealants, and tile layout mistakes. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can end up with a beautiful tiled area that you can be proud of.

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