8 Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Remodel Using Tiles

8 Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Remodel Using Tiles

When you’ve had your home for a while, remodeling or renovating some spaces becomes one of your priorities. However, these projects can be quite costly. Fortunately, achieving a top-notch bathroom remodel is possible even with minimal changes to your space. The secret to maximizing your remodel is focusing on the basics, like bathroom tiles. Here are some suggestions for serving a high-impact look for less!

Maximizing Your Bathroom Remodel with Tile

Below we discuss several tile tips for getting the most out of your bathroom remodel. Continue reading to learn more:

1. Use Fewer but More Striking Elements

Go minimalist with your bathroom and use high-quality tiles and glass in the shower area. Using a glass shower surround prevents small bathrooms from looking too crowded. If your shower is near a window, using glass also gives your space an airy look.

2. Use One Color or Pattern Throughout

Don’t use too many patterns or colors in your bathroom. Doing so gives your space a dated, cramped look. If the tiles you use for the floors are too big for the walls, you can get them cut down to maintain the look. Also, picking matte tiles in dark or neutral shades like gray or blue makes metal fixtures stand out.

3. Use the Same Shapes and Lines

If you have your heart set on using different colors, you can still achieve a cohesive look for your bathroom by keeping to the same side of the color wheel. You can also achieve cohesion by using the same shape for the mirrors, vanity, and sink.

When picking colors, make sure they don’t clash or lean towards gaudiness. You want the vanity and shower area to stand out while keeping a sense of unity to the place. A backdrop in a slightly brighter color could do the trick.

4. Use Patterned Floor Tiles in Monochromatic Colors

Make the floor the focal point of your room using bold, monochromatic tiles to dress up your space. This technique works best for small bathrooms. Herringbone or mosaic patterns are great for this, though you can use other patterns that complement the colors and lines already in your bathroom.

5. Identify Special Areas in the Bathroom Using Tiles

If you have a spacious bath, you can use tiles to assign zones to it. You could have different but complementary styles for the vanity, the toilet, and the bath and shower areas. Again, do not go overboard; two to three hues or shades is enough variation for your bathroom remodel.

6. Take Inspiration From Nature

Incorporate ‘flowy’ designs, greenery, or other natural elements in your bathroom. Choose earthy floor tiles, rippling water patterns, and other elements that take inspiration from organic life. You can also go beyond tiles and construction materials. Finally, add actual plants to your space; they brighten up your bath and make it healthier.

7. Create Height With the Tiles You Use

Align the tiles vertically to highlight the bathroom’s lines and geometry. If you use tiling in a certain way, it can add largeness and visual texture to your space. Using dark tiles at the bottom, near the floor, and lighter ones near the ceiling will add to the sense of depth.

8. Have a Focal Wall in Your Bathroom

It is nice to have a focal wall in your bath, a space that attracts people’s eyes when they first enter the room. Use muted tiles for three of your walls and use patterns or complementary colors on the fourth.


8 Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Remodel Using Tiles

Bathroom remodels can seem deceptively simple. After all, bathrooms are a highly specialized space in a house. However, the costs of this type of remodeling can quickly climb, especially if you don’t have a vision for your room. Keep your project within your spending allowance by speaking to an experienced contractor and clearly outlining expectations.

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