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My first job was working as a bus person in a restaurant. After 2 weeks of work, I felt defeated. I knew that I needed a job, however, this isn't what I wanted to do with my life. Not too long after, I left my job and my hunt began. To my luck, I came into contact with a former who offered me a job in construction. To my luck, I came into contact with a man who offered me a job in construction. This was finally my opportunity to start working on something that I enjoy doing. Ever since I have working in residential construction and after several years of hard work and dedication. I started to realize I had enough strong leadership skills and expertise to manage my own business. It was then when I decided to take a new challenge. Design Miter Tile has been a hardworking company since 2010.


Our goal is to perform high-quality work, fulfill the visions and create a lasting relationship with those who believe in our talents.










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Daniel was great at managing the overall schedule, with several jobs happening every day and inspections scheduled very efficiently. He also has a great eye for detail and quality. There were a few times when I thought something was completed but he sent his guys back to fix tiny flaws and make it perfect.

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Daniel does excellent work.

As a former Building Inspector I was amazed at Daniel’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

James Reedy, Facebook Reviews
Mohit & Pooja

Daniel and his crew did a fantastic job at our home remodel! We had 2 bathrooms remodeled, recessed lighting installed all through the house, painted the whole house & other work. I would describe ourselves as very demanding clients both in terms of materials and workmanship. Daniel matched this with his passion for perfection and quality. Daniel is great at communication. It seems to me that he takes good care of his crew and they all respect him. Thanks to Daniel, Gustavo, Leandro, Salvador, Luis and Miguel for doing the excellent work at our home!

-Mohit & Pooja
Meg Lord

From construction to painting to tile work, their meticulousness and attention to quality were impressive. They took the time to get the job done right; they are proud of their work, and rightfully so. I am thrilled with my lovely home, thanks to Daniel and his crew!

Meg Lord
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