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3 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are a place of sanctuary for many people. It’s the room where many great ideas are born while brushing teeth, doing a number two, wallowing in the bathtub, and taking a shower. It is believed to be a contemplative room where you can cleanse your mind and spirit and be a renewed person when leaving it.


But more often than not, we neglect cleaning bathrooms as thoroughly as we should, resulting in hard-to-remove dirt and stains in the different parts and components such as the sink, the toilet, or the tub. One of the overlooked parts of the bathroom is the tile installation on the floor and the walls. Once you’ve noticed the build-up of stains, then it might be too late to deal with it through cleaning and could be better off being replaced.


Here are some indicators that you’ve reached the point of no return and must face the fact that your bathroom now needs a new set of tiles.


  1. Visible Stains on Tiles


The first sign to look for is tile stains that can be seen even from a distance. These stains are easily recognizable for light-colored tiles, but a much closer inspection is needed for dark-colored tiles.


If you’re thinking of renting out your place, it is necessary to replace your bathroom tiles since it is one of the most important rooms for the tenants’ hygiene and well-being. Stained tiles significantly affect the overall appearance and ambiance of the bathroom, so avoiding this must be a priority in maintaining your place.


  1. Grout Discoloration


Grout is the space between tiles, and it is easily overlooked since they are perceived only as tile dividers. But like tiles, grout comes in many shades and colors to accentuate the design of the bathroom tiles. And like tiles, grout can become discolored over time because of its porous property, which causes them to soak up liquids. When cleaning your bathroom, it’s important to pay special attention to the grout.


  1. Moldy Spots


Molds thrive in damp places, and there is no better place for them to thrive than your bathroom. Molds and fungi are a significant concern for the bathroom’s appearance and the safety of its users, especially for people who have asthmatic conditions. Molds can also live inside cracked tiles and cracked grout, and many people can be unaware of their build-up over time. They also give off a foul odor inside the bathroom. Molds can be your final red flag, and if you notice a single moldy spot, you must immediately replace your bathroom tiles before the situation worsens.




Bathrooms should be a place of rejuvenation and relaxation, and you should maintain this feeling of peace by regularly cleaning every nook and cranny. Because it is a place for cleansing your body, it should be a clean place. Do not wait for permanent stains to develop on your bathroom tiles—these are difficult to remove even through scrubbing and commercial-grade cleaning products. Cleaning and maintenance are much easier and less costly than replacing your tiles.


If you spot these problems and more, it’s time to get a new set of tiles installed. Hire Design Miter Tile! We can help you with your next tile project, from custom tiles for your kitchen to bathroom remodeling and countertop installation. We only offer the highest level of quality and competitive pricing to make your vision for your home a reality. Get a free estimate today!




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